Traffic monitor 1,500 stretches of secondary pathways with mobile radars

Akamai, the Corporation that provides the computing platform distributed to global content delivery and distribution of applications, calculated that the speed of the Internet grew by 20%, while mobile traffic increased by 54%.

The number of portable devices will be multiplied by five globally, reaching the 578 million in 2019 (from 109 million recorded in 2014), most of them located in North America and Asia-Pacific. In Spain there will be 10.4 million portable devices in 2019 (1.9 million in 2014).

A large number of providers around the world are deploying 4G technologies to respond to the increased demand by consumers and businesses wireless services and content. In many emerging markets operators are building new mobile networks with 4G solutions. In some mature markets, service providers are completing replacing legacy networks (2G / 3G) with 4G technologies.

The number of connections 4G will be multiplied by 7 on a global scale, from 459 million in 2019 to 3,000 million for mobile traffic 2019. In Spain, 4G connections be multiplied by 7 between 2014 and 2019, with a rate of 46% year on year increase.

In 2014 4G traffic represented 40% of all global traffic data mobile (30.7% in Spain), and in 2019 will be 68% (80.9% in Spain), with an annual increase of 75% scale global and 77% in Spain.