The security of mobile payments

Buenos Aires (24/05/2012) – Center of studies specialized in anxiety disorders (CEETA) issued a special report on the Nomophobia irrational fear to leave home without your cell phone.

When applying for a loan we must quickly realise that the service has a cost, i.e. after 30 days we will have to pay back the amount requested most of their fees. Therefore, we must ensure that we will have enough money for this and that this disbursement will not add a new economic problem.

A few years ago to apply for a loan it was imperative to present a payroll. Indeed, the most normal thing was applying for funding to the bank where we had domiciled payroll because there they knew our economic profile. For a Bank, payroll is a synonym for solvency and therefore less likely to risk of default, mobile phones for people with bad credit but life changes and the market too why private entities open the range and enable access to a credit to any person who has income, regardless of its source. Therefore, we can now get a quick without payroll credit whenever a pension, unemployment benefits, have a working freelance, etc.

Study your economic profile and needs and establishes an affordable amount. Recalls that the rapid funding is a service whereby you pay a price that depends on the amount and the repayment period, therefore not ask for more money than you need if you do not want to pay more.

Customers who have already enjoyed fast PepeDinero loans have more advantages, as well as having the chance to get an amount higher than with a call can hire the loan without having to resubmit all documentation, just tell us how much you need and what is your ID number. The process will be much more agile and fast.