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It is a new website that helps you to learn English and is based on a good method: your view a video (films, series, etc) and, depending on your level, the web offers you that you look at it with subtitles (in the language you prefer) and gradually gives you the option of viewing videos without subtitles. But if you don’t understand a Word, just passing the mouse over the text to find out its meaning. The service is paid, but offers the possibility to try it free for a limited free time. You have to try it!

The letter is a vital statement of the singer. Talks about how it rejects as a luxury material values, possessions service because she wants is love happiness and good mood. It raises money does not make her happy if not know that die with hand on heart. And speaks strong, eat with the hand, and good manners bring it is as fresh as he hates hypocrisy empty words. She wants to be as well.

I love the formula… As an aperitif, a good song and their / s interpreter/s with very interesting information. Main dish, link to enjoy it. And for dessert, original version of the letter and, if necessary, “Curran” translation (very thank for in these times of virtual translators). Can you request more? So yes, daily rations and all washed down with a poetic touch that you “dips” in the soul of the song and further enriches your “tasting”.

Born in the magnificent 1971, I awoke in this music thanks to two songs of The Knack’s My Sharona and the gunman of Pistons. Since then I look for life in capsules of lyric and rhythm, and dose of three to eight minutes.…

Commercial rates for Amigo Energy electricity

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Companies of all sizes in Texas have the power Business Electricity Compare to choose your own provider retail electric (REP) as friend Energy due to the fact that much of the State of Texas has made the transition to a deregulated energy market. Companies have the freedom to choose an electricity supplier instead of directly buying energy services company. Thanks to deregulation, the industry now promotes competition between different energy suppliers, and companies can get their favorite commercial electricity rates.

This question opens up a whole can of worms! Stay and its commercial electricity contract will be automatically renewed. not in your original rate, but at a new rate – usually higher – and stick him in the contract for another fixed term of one year – see our QandA and video on replacement contracts. Decides to leave and you have to give sufficient notice that can be up to 120 days before the date of termination of the contract – can be calculated the period of notice with our concealer from the window. If notified, but no change of supplier, was given to the punitive outside contract rates mentioned above.

Business of electricity contracts may be between one and five years. Providers make it very difficult / expensive – an impossible – so you can break a contract for electricity at the beginning of business. As his contract comes to a natural close, they are obliged to write to you with a renewal offer, but I don’t want to lose a customer so will be, naturally inclined to draw attention to the opening of the window of their renewal. A good broker, however, will be the renewal of his date as it is recorded in his diary as a reminder to get in touch with you to offer a …